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Our projects and programmes to join:

Intercultural communication   
“The Erasmus Mundus programme” - to strengthen European co-operation and international links in higher education
“Comparative Research of Russian and British Business Cultures” – to analyze implications for international business management and communication.
“Thematic Call on Social and Human Sciences” – to study the interaction of cultures in modern society: cultural diversity and group identities in contemporary societies, language policies: anthropological and linguistic perspectives, knowledge-based societies: cognitive, linguistic and cultural aspects and cross-cultural management and leadership.
“Citizens association for Democracy, Peace and Tolerance AURORA” – to build a peaceful, democratic and tolerant society and to promote different kinds of cooperation between all its citizens regardless of their differences.
“Decision-taking Assistance Systems” – to allow management tasks to be solved easier, faster and more efficiently. Decision-taking Assistance Systems are based on mathematical modeling methods and keep track of system factors, their interdependencies and the system states, provide help in choosing the most appropriate management solution.

Educational programmes   
“European Education Area of Higher Education” - to provide wide access of students from different countries to continue their education at European universities and then employ in foreign companies.
”A Russian-German center” – to create the centre for those who is interested in German culture, language and education and in the intercultural communication between Germany and Russia.
“Internet education” – to provide access to education for many people who in view of different causes can’t study in traditional education institutions (schools and universities).
“School for elderly people” – to create conditions for working and intellectual potential realization of elderly people;
“Samara International Summer Business school” – to create conditions for international business cooperation development in the Samara region.

Protection of the environment and population health   
“Ecological Tourism in Samarskaya Luka” - Development of the ecological tourism in Samara region and the organizing ecological tourism on Samos Island, Greece.
Research of anthropogenic factors in the environment of the Samara Region and health of the population, development of subject problems.
“Turning Nature into Museum” (as part of the program “Development of Tourism in Samara Region”) – to strengthen the civic society and the development of tourism in the Samara region.
“Centuries Touching” - revival of the bronze age burial ground to put it in list of the places to visit in Neftegorsk touristic programme.
“The scientific and research Institute of industrial ecology” – to coordinate and realize development phases and innovation and research works in the the field of Ecology.

Youth activity   
“Youth in Action” – to develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people to foster social cohesion in the European Union;
“The Youth center of open access to legal information” - To spread legal knowledge and attainments among youth and to develop their civil responsibility as assistance in Russian civil society formation.
The youth club “My choice” – to help students, who has just entered the university, to adapt to a new educational institute.
To form the skills to analyze different social situations and to make reasoned choices, accepting responsibility for consequences.
“Videogames and the youth” - a social-psychological research to study mass media affection on the youth and youth consciousness.
“To stop smocking” - an anti-tobacco campaign to popularize non-smoking culture with the students.

We invite everyone, who is interested in our projects and shares our interests to participate in our activity. We are looking forward to hearing all you suggestions, offers and wishes, which should be send on our e-mail:


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