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Free resources phenomenon, and the role of free resources in the development of society in its past, present and future hasn't been either recognized or taken into account practically in any way until recently. In present theoretical study we offer our vision of the role of free resources in the development of contemporary society and its components.

We see the problem of free resources in the fact, that they present themselves as a definite, independent phenomenon in social development, and this phenomenon has a crucial effect on the economic and social changes in public life.

To start a theoretic research of this phenomenon we chose the communities of hackers, in many ways thanks to the outstanding ideas of Eric Raymond. Designers and managers of Information Technology Industry (IT-Industry) have been stormily discussing software design of hackers lately. This phenomenon has caused a number of problems for IT market. The unexpected appearance of these free resources (free distributed software) has greatly influenced business in this field. However we consider the people, who design open source software, to be the most important free resources, and we tend to look upon hackers as an element of a more general movement of free resources in the society.

The article deals with the phenomenon, that became widely distributed at the end of the second millenium and got the name "open source movement". The open source movement is considered as a movement of communities of certain kind, on the one hand, and on the other hand, as a part of a large historic process, that the authors tend to call the formation of free labor resources.
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